Over the Summer of 2021, I worked on an Experiential Education Plan (EEP) instead of a Co-Op experience. I decided to revisit my personal project from Spring 2019: a tabletop RPG accessory figure called "Chibithulhu." With new toy knowledge and a keener eye for craftsmanship, I fixed up my model and recast it. 
What started as a side project exploded into a small business. Thanks to TikTok and other social media platforms, my little figures gained a following online. My first sale was 15 figurines, and they sold out in less than 15 minutes. Since then, I've created several more molds to speed up production. I've produced and sold over 100 figures and am planning to continue expanding my brand. 
To see my work and shop, visit Mxk-toys.com or click the button below.
Dice Dragons Collab
In Fall 2021, I joined forces with designer Olivia Schardein to release a limited-run collab of dragon figurines. These figures were larger, more involved, and used better casting techniques that I learned through experience. 
What's Next?
I am currently working on a new figure with a digital sculptor. Switching to a digital sculpt and resin printer system, I can better control the quality and detailing of the figurines without my silicone molds deteriorating over time. This will also free up a lot of time previously spent in the lab to dedicate to new development.

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